Alaina Allen - Multi Skills Coach

Alaina is a coach, tutor and assessor in a Basketball, netball, Multi-skills and for Sports Leaders UK. She is qualified to level 2 and above in Basketball and Netball. Alaina is a former Multi-Sports Community Coach where she first started with Sport Structures.  

Amy Willis - Netball Coach

Amy is an experienced Netball coach, tutor and assessor qualified to level 3 in the sport. She has coached at local, regional and national level. Her full time position is as a Coach Manager for England Netball.

CJ Lee - Basketball Coach

CJ is a Level 3 basketball coach, tutor and assessor with considerable experience. He has coached a range of age groups and both genders to National League level. His full time position is as Coach Development Manager for the Hampshire and Isle of White Sports Partnership. 

Pop Popovic - Handball Coach

A former Director of Sport with over 38 years experience in Physical Education and the coaching of Handball. He has worked within the game from grass roots to National League and International level, regularly delivering Level One and Teacher Award Courses.

Gordon Fean - Multi-skills expert

Gordon is an experienced multi-skills and TAble Tennis of considerable experience. Many of the Multi-skills drills were Gordon's origional ideas   

Coaching with Balls also has a library of coaching resources available for purchase. Videos, Animations and session plan ready explanations are available in the following sports:

  • Netball
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Multi-Skills - Agility
  • Multi-Skills - Balance
  • Multi-Skills - Coordination
  • Games for Understanding

To purchase coaching resources, please click the links on the left hand side.

Each activity comes with a video, animation and a pdf  with a clear explanation describing the activity, coaching points and how to progress the activity.  


The activities have been developed based on coaches' experience and what works!!   Videos have been shot from an angle that allows you to see the activity in action, allowing you to grasp the concept of the drill and giving you the support to implement these into your sessions.


Each activity has been reviewed and tested in different environments to make sure they are the most relevant for the development of the sport. We have developed over 100 activities per sport. The coaches have supervised the development of the high quality animations to make sure they are clear to coaches. 

Session plan ready explanations 

The explanations have also been developed for coaches to build a portfolio of drills to make sure coaching sessions are always fresh and progressive.